Aimee – Growing Revenue with AlgoMarketing™

By autonomously modifies your digital Assets for each individual visitor

Today's data technology enables innovative e-tailers and brands to tailor the customer journey and within it target messages and campaigns to specific segments more precisely than ever

Today most of the Business Intelligence insights are not immediately actionable without human intervention. This often results in marketers relying on the engineers to make website changes, which are often too late to capture a fast moving sales or seasonal trend

Aimee was founded to bridge this gap between Big Data, Business Intelligence Insights, Marketing Creative, Engineering Resources and your specific business goals. And she does this automatically, without time consuming rules or the need for business intelligence oversight.

Aimee integration is quick and doesn’t require your IT, once she is set up, you can expect at least 5% monthly sales improvement. With our Pay for Performance Guarantee, where you only pay if Aimee performs,

Aimee is entirely Risk Free to start using.

How is Aimee Different?

Proven Results

"With Aimee, we are able to serve the most relevant promotions to each website visitor using data to address different customer profiles, and while doing so, maximizing customer revenue."

Carmit Dotan, Digital Marketing Manager, El Al Airlines.